A Typical Story aka The Resnick Curve

some more stopmotion from this past year.
again - me and Kobi Bachar are the ones responsible for this disaster

enjoy :)

The Elevator - stopmotion madness!

digging up some past works

.stopmotion fever is over!
no more playdoh underneath my fingernails, no more frying under the dedolights and no more sleepless nights!

well.. not so sure about the sleepless nights.

this was done in collaboration with Kobi Bachar.


jewish new year's just around the corner. here's a card i made, inspired by the style of scott pilgrim comic books.

with that's being said - "shana tova" to us all!

character swaps - the saga continues!

Aachi & Ssipak fan art

this movie might come off as weird at first, but it's unique style, brilliant 2d animation and action sequence makes up for everything. watch it.

A Crooked Vulture.

birthday present for a good friend of mine.
really love this band too..

character swaps!

my part of an ongoing blog activity at kishkoosh


a little kid who's stranded on a remote pacific island filled with ww2 wreckage

some environment concept i've yet to color


he's hunting things.. not sure if he's any good though


..these guys always freaks me out



yeah, that's gordo.. an alien world explorer and your new best friend.


self-centered-egomaniac-me.. fff

facial expressions

always wanted a bunny suit..

my good 'ol (anti) self

a three piece assignment for character design class which i took this year (thanks avi katz for an awesome year).
the three pieces are - 2 character collage based on my traits and my complete opposite , an illustration and a sculpture of the illustrated character.





thank you 'n goodnight!

oh, hi viewers!

soooo.. i've decided it's time to take things up a notch and open my own art blog. yey!
it'll take some getting used to the blogspot user interface, but i'll figure it out sometime so stay tuned!

"no flipping!"