We The Kings - Say You Like Me interactive video

i was fortunate enough to work along the talented folks at Real Motion VFX post-production studio and Interlude on WTK's new interactive music video where my the kings has to battle through 7 game levels in order to save their girl from the bad guy and his gang of goons.

i did the bad guy and goons character designs and sprites for different scenes through out the video.

animation and concept breakdowns - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k4LOHRv5d4

and for the actual video go here:



it's Detective Sergeant Ángel Juan Marcos Batista for you..

Shana Tova 2.0

i believe this blog has reached it's one year anniversary. shana tova to us all. live well and prosper and.. eh.. stuff.

Gefilte Fish in 3D

Dor shamir was kinda enough to make a 3D model of my grim reaper character from Gefilte Fish, my graduation film.
check it!

Dor's blog:


as a part of writing course we had to make a video presentations for the scripts we all wrote under the
subject of Addictions.
script, storyboard, sfx and voices were all done by myself and Matan Lipman.

sorry for all of you english readers, but this one is hebrew.

Character Driven!

my entry for the awesome Character Driven blog - a Hunched, Clumsy Trickster.
check out Character Driven over at http://itscharacterdriven.blogspot.com/

Stupid fan art

fan art i made for Aviv Itcovitz's awesome online-now-published-as-a-book comics Stupid Snake Vol. 1

visit aviv's site at : http://www.iaviv.com

you can buy the book and support the artist here:


some storyboard frames i made for a project about an astronaut who's craving a cig

gefilte fish - characters

first drafts of character sheets for my upcoming project, Gefilte Fish. a story about death and a ..misunderstanding