PARANORMAN totally lived to it's hype! go watch it, it's brilliant!

IPHONE PIMPIN - "Slide to open"

i've decided to make an iphone wallpaper (and hopefully some more in the future, if i'll be able to commit to the task) for you humble folks. a little token of gratitude for all the love and support you guys been showing both here and on FB.

so enjoy and..err.. stuff

edit: had some requests, so i've added a tablet version, retina supported. now you can pimp out your tablet as well. enjoy!


feeling kinda nostalgic lately.
C.O.P.S was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. probably the best opening theme ever seen in a cartoon. 
in case you're not aware of the show, this is Bulletproof, the C.O.P.S unit commending chief.


a weird and unexplained Gaston fetish. it struck and ran away. whats wrong with me? 

Adventure Time!

watch Adventure Time. it'll do you good and will make you all warm inside.

Super Meat Boy's Dr. Fetus!

saw Indie Game - The Movie this week and was reminded about the hours and days i spent over this fantastic game, admiring the level designs, characters and how much love has been put into to it.
so i've decided to make this. it isn't much, just a revision of the main antagonist, Dr. Fetus. it'll have to do.

if you DON'T know Super Meat Boy, you can check out this 

and if gaming is your thing, i dare ya' to watch Indie Game - The Movie
'scratch that - i double dare ya

that's all for now,

Burrito Bison speedpaint




no name for this one. just a casual saturday afternoon drawing session.
i'm reminding you folks that Sketchup, the newly formed sketch blog featuring Dor Shamir and myself is very much alive and kicking, so check it if you're into some more pretty pictures:.


and you can follow us on facebook as well:




Dor Shamir  and myself have started a weekly theme-based sketch blog. check it out cause it's HOT!

"think she'll come in tonight?.."

Grim Fandango has been and probably always will be one of my biggest influences. this is just a tribute.


super-busy times lately with projects that will hopefully see the light of day soon.
in the mean time, here's a concept i've been toying with past the weekend. enjoy